2010 Kubota BX2360 Sub-Compact Tractor


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BX2360 Sub-Compact Tractor



Start with the strength and versatility of a compact utility tractor. Blend them with the agile handling and feel of a garden tractor. Add new upgraded features, then reinforce the end product with incomparable reliability, and you've got the Kubota BX-Series. Powerful Kubota Diesel Engine: BX2360 tractor is equipped with a 23 HP diesel engine. This 3-cylinder workhorse offers unparalleled power for tractors of this size, and more then enough muscle for all of your gardening and mowing duties. Hydrostatic Power Steering: A standard feature on all BX-Series tractors, power steering makes steering practically effortless, thus reducing stress and fatigue. Deluxe High-Back Seat: Your high-back seat, standard on the BX2360, provides you with soft cushioning and superior thigh support for exceptional contort during operation. Reverse Air Flow: The radiator of the BX-Series is positioned in the middle of the tractor rather than the front, so airflow is taken in from the operator area and pushed towards the front of the hood. This helps reduce overheating, prevents grass from getting in the radiator grill and keeps the operator cooler. Bright Halogen Headlights: The halogen headlights of the BX offer a clear bright light at dawn, dusk or dark of night. Furthermore, their casing and style have been designed to give the tractor a sleeker look. Hand Rails: The BX series comes standard with hand rails. Metal Hood/Fender: The BX series comes standard with a metal hood as well as metal fenders. Versatile Category I 3-Point Hitch: Put your BX-Series to work with its Category I 3-point hitch. This sturdy, hydraulically controlled hitch allows you to attach a wide array of rear implements. 2-Pedal HST Operation: When frequent changes in speed and direction are needed, HST responds with its smooth operating forward and reverse pedals, leaving your hands free for steering and implement control. Spacious Operator Area: The pedal layout on BX-Series tractors helps aid operator comfort. The forward and reverse HST pedals are split and the differential lock is located on the side of the seat. This design provides a larger deck area, which offers more foot room, eliminating the cramped feeling of most other tractors in this class. Quarter-Inching Valve: With Increments of ΒΌ in. at the lower link end, our quarter inching valve provides easier implement control. The lever guided regulator allows smaller adjustments, which are often required when attaching or detaching 3-poInt mounted implements, or when performing sensitive jobs. Digital Tachometer: The BX-Series tractors feature a digital tachometer that offers operators precise monitoring of engine revolutions, especially when operating the PTO. When the engine is off, the digital tachometer displays the hour meter. Cruise Control: For carefree mowing of large spaces, set the BX-Series' cruise control to maintain a constant speed without keeping your foot on the forward pedal. (Optional on the BX1860) The BX Series tractors also come standard with: Rigid ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure), Deluxe Lever Guide, Cup Holder, and a DC Outlet.

    • Engine Type: Liquid-cooled; 3-cylinder diesel
    • Engine Model: Kubota D902
    • Engine gross HP at 3200 rpm: 23.0 HP (17.2 kW)
    • PTO horsepower at 3200 rpm: 17.7 HP (13.2 kW)
    • Displacement: 54.8 ci. (898 cc)
    • Fuel tank capacity: 6.6 gal. (25 l)
    Optional Front Loader
    • Rounded Boom: The BX's rounded boom perfectly complements the overall tractor design. But its benefits don't end there. It also offers greater visibility
    • H-Shaped Stand For Easy Attach/Detach: The BX front loader has an H-shaped stand which makes it easy to attach and detach. This design also provides better protection for hoses when the loader is folded.
    • Hose Protection: The loader hoses are tucked inside the boon for greater protection and better visibility.
    • Front implement 4-position Control Valve (Optional): Our optional front 4-position valve provides you with the ability to quickly and easily attach the front loader and other front-mounted Implements. Furthermore, the valve does not get in the way and gives the tractor a clean end sleek look.
    • Front Guard (Optional): A sturdy and distinctive front grill guard protects the front end, which has been rounded to match the tractor's modern design.
    Other Optional Implements
    • Land Pride BX Box Scraper
    • Land Pride BX Food Plot Seeder
    • Land Pride BX Grooming Mower
    • Land Pride BX Post Hole Digger
    • Land Pride BX Rear Blade
    • Land Pride BX Rotary Cutter
    • Land Pride BX Rotary Tiller
    • Mid-Mount Mower
    Drive Train
    • Transmission: HST; High-Low gear shift (2 foward/reverse)
    • Drive method: 2WD and 4WD selection
    • Brakes: Wet disc
    • PTO (Rear): Live independent; wet hydraulic dutch; STD (540 rpm)
    • PTO (Mid): Live independent; wet hydraulic dutch; STD (2500 rpm)
    • Hydraulic pump output: 6.3 gpm. (24 l/min)
    • 3-point hitch: Category I
    • Lift capacity at 24 in. behind pin: 670 lbs. (300 kg)
    • Steering: Hydrostalic Power Steering
    Standard Tire Size
    • Tire size (Front):Turf/Bar/Industrial; 18x8.5-10/18x8.5-10/18x8.5-10
    • Tire size (Rear):Turf/Bar/Industrial; 26x12-12/26x12-12/26x12-12
    Traveling Speeds
    • Forward traveling speeds (At rated engine rpm w/Turf Tires): 0-8.4 mph (0-13.5 km/h)
    • Reverse traveling speeds (At rated engine rpm w/Turf Tires): 0-6.2 mph (0-10.0 km/h)
    • Length with 3-point hitch: 95.5 in. (2425 mm)
    • Width (w/turf tires): 44.5 in. (1130 mm)
    • Height (w/ROPS): 70.4 in. (1787 mm)
    • Wheelbase: 55.1 in. (1400 mm)
    • Ground clearance (front axle): 8.7 in. (220 mm)
    • Tread (Front): 36.6 in. (930 mm)
    • Tread (Rear): 32.2 in. (820 mm)
    • Turning radius (wlo brake): 7.5 ft. (2.3 m)
    • Tractor weight: 1322 lbs. (600 kg)



    Engine Manufacturer
    Kubota D902
    Engine Type
    Engine Type: Liquid-cooled; 3-cylinder diesel; Displacement: 54.8 ci. (898 cc)
    23.0 HP (17.2 kW); at 3200 RPM
    PTO HP
    17.7 HP (13.2 kW); at 3200 RPM
    Rated RPM
    3200 RPM


    55.1 in. (1400 mm)
    70.4 in. (1787 mm); w/ROPS
    44.5 in. (1130 mm); w/turf tires
    1322 lbs. (600 kg)
    Ground Clearance
    8.7 in. (220 mm) (Front axel)
    Tire Size
    Tire size (Front):Turf/Bar/Industrial; 18x8.5-10/18x8.5-10/18x8.5-10: Front:Turf/Bar/Industrial; 18x8.5-10/18x8.5-10/18x8.5-10; Tire size (Rear):Turf/Bar/Industrial; 26x12-12/26x12-12/26x12-12: Rear:Turf/Bar/Industrial; 26x12-12/26x12-12/26x12-12


    Fuel Capacity
    6.6 gal. (25 l)
    HST; High-Low gear shift (2 foward/reverse)
    Wet disc
    Output: 6.3 gpm. (24 l/min)
    Drive Type
    2WD and 4WD selection